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Build Your New Home on Solid Ground

Get professional site preparation in Meredith, NH

When you need a blank slate for your new construction, turn to Central NH Construction Co., LLC for excavation services. Using top-of-the-line equipment and methods, Central NH Construction Co. specializes in site preparation and excavation services for new construction and home remodeling projects throughout greater Meredith, NH.

We pride ourselves on providing thorough, effective and, most importantly, safe excavation services that offer you a long-lasting foundation for your new home.

Reach out to us to jump-start your Meredith, NH home construction project with site preparation services.

Make your vision a reality

Central NH Construction Co. will ensure that your land is ready for your new home construction project. Our site preparation process covers:

  • Evaluation - determining the proper clearing and leveling
  • Lot clearing - removing trees, shrubs and rocks from land
  • Excavation - digging down and evening out land to the appropriate level
  • Preparation - tampering down soil to prevent erosion

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