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About Central NH Construction

We are a full-service builder & contractor

Custom Kitchens & Bathrooms
Add beauty, functionality, and resale value with an upgraded kitchen or bathroom.

Roof Replacement & Repair
Quick and efficient, CNC will repair or replace your roof and make sure it will last for years to come.

High Quality Construction Management
Quality construction and project management isn't happenstance, it's proactively planned and executed throughout all construction phases.

Mission & Philosophy

We believe that being a builder first makes all the difference. It's who we are and how we work. Our passion for this perspective is so strong that it guides everything we do. We are here to champion respect for our trade, the art of craftsmanship, and the advantage of self-reliance.

While our values are timeless, we readily embrace new technologies - and new ways to solve the residential construction industry's greatest challenges. We are Central NH Construction, and our mission is to raise the bar on what a true builder can be.